767. Moving Furniture on Chol HaMoed

105:1 On chol hamoed, one is not permitted to carry his possessions and furniture from a residence in one courtyard to a residence in another courtyard, even if he’s moving them from a plain home to a nicer one. (One may do so for yom tov needs, even publicly – Mishnah Brurah 535:4.) One may, however, move them from one house to another in the same courtyard. Similarly, if there are two courtyards with a door between them, one may transport the items through it. (One may even carry through several adjoining courtyards in this manner – MB 535:2.) Where there is the possibility of a financial loss, one may even transport the objects from city to city. Also, to bring things from a residence that is not his to his own is permitted because doing so will cause him to rejoice on yom tov since one rejoices when in his own residence.

105:2 If one needs to bring in his produce or other merchandise because he is afraid of thieves or other forms of loss, he should try to do whatever he can in private. Whatever cannot be done privately may be done in public.