389. Cereal in Milk

54:6 Let’s say that one adds milk or soup to a food in order to eat them together. If one considers the food the main part, he says the bracha on that and the liquid is considered secondary. If his main intention is for the liquid, then the solid item is considered secondary. In either event, one would only say the bracha on the primary item. If he considers both items to be of equal importance – and if they require different brachos – he would say the appropriate bracha over the food item and eat some of it, then say shehakol on the liquid and have some of that. In this case, we do not follow the majority item. The food item in this instance does not automatically receive priority if it is one of the five grains.

54:7 If crushed spices are mixed with sugar, the spices are considered the main item and one would recite the appropriate blessing over them (even if sugar is the majority item – Mishnah Brurah 203:13). The bracha on nutmeg is ho’eitz; that on cinnamon or ginger is ho’adomah.