508. Where to Light Shabbos Candles

75:7 If a man has occasion to light Shabbos candles and he then needs to perform some act of labor (melacha), it would be better if he stipulates (even mentally – Rema 263:10) that he does not accept Shabbos through the act of lighting. However, after the fact, if he did not stipulate, he may still perform melacha. This is because it is not the accepted practice of men to accept Shabbos upon lighting candles.

75:8 One must light in the place where they eat so that it is obvious that the candles are being lit in honor of Shabbos. One should not light elsewhere and then move the candles. In difficult circumstances, however, such as if the woman is bedridden and cannot come to the table, she may lights from her bed and the candles may then be brought to the table. This is permitted because the entire house is considered the candles’ place. It is not proper, however, for women to light candles in the succah and then to take them into the house. A candle that was already lit on Friday should be extinguished and relit in order to make it obvious that one is lighting in honor of Shabbos.