501. A Non-Jew Performing Labor on Shabbos

73:8 A Jew may not permit a non-Jew to perform acts of labor in his home on Shabbos. Even a non-Jewish household employee who wants to do the labor for himself should be instructed not to do so. (Some authorities permit the non-Jew to perform acts of labor for himself – Mishnah Brurah 244:30.)

73:9 If a non-Jewish tailor made a garment for a Jew and brought it to him on Shabbaos, the Jew may wear it; if he knows that the garment was completed on Shabbos, he should ony wear it in a case of great need. (He must wait after Shabbos the amount of time it would take to do the work that was done on Shabbos – Rema OC 252:4. If the item was usable before Shabbos, it may be used even if finishing touches were made on Shabbos – MB 252:30.) One may not, however, go get utensils or clothes from a craftsman – even a Jewish craftsman – on Shabbos or yom tov. When a non-Jew doesn’t personally make an item, but he has a shop where he sells shoes or similar such goods, a Jew who knows him may get merchandise from him on Shabbos provided that they do not set a sales price at that time and that nothing is transported from outside the Shabbos boundary (techum). (The Rema permits this even if the shopkeeper also makes such items – OC 252:4.)