727. Carrying on Yom Tov

98:33 As discussed in chapter 91, some things are not prohibited forms of labor (melacha) but they are forbidden to do on Shabbos because they are medical treatments for those who aren’t seriously ill. These things may likewise not be done on the first day of a yom tov, nor on the two days of Rosh Hashana. Such activities may, however, be done by a non-Jew. On the second day of yom tov – except for Rosh Hashana – even a Jew may do them (at the outset, even without a change in how the act is performed, and even if the patient is not sick throughout his body – Mishnah Brurah 496:5-6). However, actual prohibited labors may not be performed for a sick person who isn’t dangerously ill even on the second day of a yom tov except through a non-Jew. (Even a non-Jew may not perform a Biblically-prohibited labor unless the patient is sick throughout his body – Shaar HaTziyon 496:10.)

Carrying outside is permitted on a yom tov even for something that is not required for the sake of food as long as it’s for some other (yom tov – MB 511:1) need. If it’s for no need at all, then one is not allowed to carry except in places where one may carry on Shabbos. Even for the sake of food, one shouldn’t carry a large load like barrels of wine as we do on weekdays. Rather, one should do it with a change. If it’s not possible to change, such as if one has many guests, then he may do it the usual way. (Using a change is only necessary when transporting from place to place, not within the same house or between houses in the same courtyard – Rema 510:8.)