356. When We Don’t Say Hatov Vehameitiv

49:11 If there were two types of wine present at the outset but they were not both in front of him when he recited hagafen, he should say hatov vehameitiv on the second, better wine. If both wines were in front of him initially, he does not say hatov vehameitiv, he says hageafen on the better wine and includes the lesser wine in that bracha. (Mishnah Brurah 175:4 says that if the second wine is in the house and he intends to drink it, that’s the same as being in front of him.)

One only says hatov vehameitiv when there is still more of the first wine and they’re drinking the second wine because they want to. If they brought the second wine simply because they ran out of the first kind, then hatov vehameitiv is not recited.