678. Accessing the Eiruv

94:10 The eiruv must be placed somewhere that each of the homeowners for whom it was made can access at twilight. If there was there a dead person in the area and one of the homeowners is a kohein, this would prevent him from being able to access the eiruv at twilight, so the eiruv would never be able to take effect.

The eiruv should be made before each Shabbos and it may be eaten on Shabbos; it will be discussed in chapter 102 that the eiruv only needs to be in existence when Shabbos begins. However, if there is concern that one may forget to make an eiruv one week, they may make an eiruv with one loaf to last for every Shabbos (and yom tov – Mishnah Brurah 366:83) until Pesach. When one says “By means of…,” he concludes “for every Shabbos until Pesach, may it come to us for good.” One needs to make this loaf thin and well-baked so that it will last. (If the eiruv becomes unfit to eat, a new eiruv must be made – OC 368:5.) For the Shabbos during Pesach, one must make the eiruv using a kosher-for-Passover matzah.