643. A Base for Both Muktzeh and Non-Muktzeh

89:2 If, when Shabbos arrived, there was a permitted object resting on the vessel in addition to the muktzeh item, the vessel is then classified a base for both a forbidden object and a permitted object. If the permitted object is more important to one than the muktzeh, then he may handle it. If the muktzeh is the more important item, then he may not handle it. (If both items are of equal importance to him, it may not be handled – Mishnah Brurah 310:33. The parameter is the objects’ relative worth to the owner, regardless of society’s opinion in the matter – ibid.) One should therefore put the loaves on the table before twilight, so that the table will be a base for both the candles and the loaves and he will be allowed to handle it. If this was not done, then both the table and the tablecloth become a base for a forbidden object and may not be handled. After the fact, in a case of great need, such as if a candle fell on the table and he needs to shake it off, one may rely on those authorities who ruled that it does not become a base unless one intended that the forbidden object would remain there the entire Shabbos. Since there is a custom to have the candles removed in the morning by a non-Jew, the table does not become a base. (One may also rely on this lenient opinion in a case where acting stringently would cause one to incur a great loss – MB 309:21.)

89:3 If one has money in a pocket of his garment, it is permitted to handle the garment because the whole garment isn’t made into a base for the money, only the pocket is, and the pocket is subordinate to the garment. Nevertheless, one should not wear this garment even in the house, because of the concern that he may go out into the public domain while wearing it. (One may also not stick his hand in the pocket, which is the base for the money – 310:29.) However, if the drawer of a table has money in it, one may not handle the table because the drawer is considered a vessel unto itself and not subordinate to the table.