615. What May Be Saved From a Fire

85:3 The procedures for saving food described in the previous halachos only apply in a place where one may carry on Shabbos. In a place where one  may not carry, it is forbidden to save anything. One may put on clothes that he can wear, go out even to the public domain, and remove them there. He may do this repeatedly, even all day long. Likewise, one may instruct others to help him save clothes (for him – MB 334:21) in this manner. (One is not permitted to go back repeatedly for food because he may forget that it’s Shabbos and come to extinguish the fire impermissibly. One may do this with clothes because the fact that he is wearing them instead of carrying them will serve as a reminder – Mishnah Brurah 334:18.)

85:4 Regarding nearby houses, whose owners are worried that the fire may spread, they may save items by transferring them to a permitted place. This is because they are not in such a panic that they may forget that it’s Shabbos. Some authorities say that one may even save money and other valuables that are muktzeh (impermissible on Shabbos). One may save such things from this and other forms of sudden loss, like a flood or robbery, by placing them on a food item and carrying them out together. In other circumstances, one might not be permitted to save muktzeh valuables. Some authorities are even more lenient and permit one even to save muktzeh items by themselves. This is because the restrictions of muktzeh were not imposed when one would incur a sudden major loss, so long as the items are not carried to a place where carrying is forbidden on Shabbos.