601. An Enclosed Area

82:13 One may pour waste water into a courtyard that is four cubits by four cubits even though it will flow from there into a public domain.

83:1 Carrying inside an area enclosed by partitions is not permitted unless the area was enclosed to serve as a dwelling. What does it mean to be enclosed to serve as a dwelling? For example, one who built a house or opened an entrance from his house and enclosed around the area with partitions like one does to make a courtyard. This is considered a private domain even if it is a very large area. If an area was enclosed not to serve as a dwelling, like a garden or an orchard, whose walls are intended to protect what’s inside, then the size of the enclosed area makes a difference. Up to two seah, one may carry within it but larger than this is considered a carmelis. (The definition of two seah will be discussed in the next halacha.)