808. Selling Chometz to an Apostate

114:7 It is forbidden for a person to sell his chometz to an apostate or to the son of a female apostate. This is true even if he was born to her and a non-Jewish father after she rejected Judaism. The reason for this prohibition is that an apostate is still considered Jewish when it comes to selling chometz. If one sells to an apostate, the chometz would be in the possession of a Jew over Pesach and forbidden for benefit. (One would also violate “lifnei iver” by selling it to a Jew – Mishnah Brurah 448:11.)

114:8 If a person has chometz in another location or in transit via a wagon or a ship, he can sell it incidental to the place he is renting or selling. Nevertheless, he should also nullify it in front of a beis din or three men. If the chometz is delivered to him on Pesach, the non-Jew who bought the chometz is the one who will pay for hiring the wagon and any other expenses. If he received chometz that was sent to him by a non-Jewish merchant not by his request and without his knowledge, it should also be received by the non-Jewish buyer. The non-Jew will pay whatever is owed for the delivery and the Jew should not have anything to do with it. Quite the opposite: he should nullify this chometz in front of a beis din or three men.