416. The Obligation to Enjoy G-d’s Bounty

59:18 One does not recite shehechiyanu over fragrances (i.e., that G-d has kept us alive to enjoy them) because, as we have stated, fragrances are a pleasure to the soul, which is eternal. (This is true even on fragrances that are renewed each year, such as roses – Mishnah Brurah 225:16.)

59:19 Every person will ultimately have to give an accounting for things he saw but did not eat. The Jerusalem Talmud (Kiddushin 4:12) tells us that Rabbi Eleazar would save his pennies to be able to enjoy each variety of fruit once a year. (It is a mitzvah to eat a little of each new species each year in order to demonstrate how precious Hashem’s creations are to us – MB 225:19.)