682. The Rental Procedure

94:18 The rental procedure is as follows: The Jew says to to the non-Jew, ”Rent me your place for this sum of money.” (This can be for any amount, no matter how small – Mishnah Brurah 382:21.) The Jew does not have to explain that the purpose of this transaction is to permit carrying in the courtyard on Shabbos. If the Jew said, ”Give me use of your place” even if he explained that it’s to enable carrying in the courtyard, it’s not valid. (It must be a rental and not a gift. A gift only works if it is a formal, complete transferral of the property – Bi’ur Halacha 382:1 s.v. mimenu.)

94:19 One can rent even from the non-Jew’s wife or his servant (or any member of the household – MB 382:32 – so long as the owner does not actively object – MB 382:34).