640. A Corpse on Shabbos

88:14 If one does not need the permitted item, he may not handle it if there is something muktzeh on it. Therefore, one may not carry a child – even in a private domain – if the child is holding a rock or some other muktzeh item. However, if the child has anxiety to the extent that if he is not carried he will make himself sick, and one cannot get him to drop the rock without screaming and crying, then one may pick the child up in a private domain. If the child is holding a coin, one may not even hold his hand while walking, even in a private domain, and even if the child has anxiety. The reason is because we are concerned that if the child should drop the coin, the adult may forget that it’s Shabbos and pick it up. This is forbidden even if there is a risk that the child might make himself sick because the child will be in no real danger if he isn’t carried. (Some permit one to hold the child’s hand in such a case – OC 309:1.)

A corpse may not be handled on Shabbos. One may remove the pillow from under the deceased so that it won’t absorb the putrid odor so long as he need not move any of the body’s limbs. If the deceased’s mouth is opening, one may tie his jaw so that it won’t open any further but one may not do so in a way that closes what has already opened, as doing so constitutes moving the limb of a corpse.