626. Renting Out an Animal

87:10 One may not lend or rent his animal to a non-Jew unless he stipulates that the animal must be returned before Shabbos. (This refers only to animals that perform labor – Bi’ur Halacha 246:3 s.v. behemto.) If the animal is not returned on time, the Jew should renounce his ownership of the animal before Shabbos (if possible, in front of a witness – Mishnah Brurah 246:15) in order to save himself from owning an animal performing prohibited labor on Shabbos. However, one may not lend or rent an animal intending to follow this procedure. (In the opposite scenario, if the Jew rented an animal from a non-Jew, he should act stringently and not permit the animal to perform acts of labor on Shabbos – MB 246:12.)
87:11 On Shabbos, a person should not measure barley to place before his animal. Instead, he should simply estimate the amount needed. (One may use a cup of a particular volume, just not a measuring cup – MB 324:4.)