514. The “Bracha Mei’ein Sheva”

76:5 After “Vayachulu,” the shaliach tzibbur recites the “bracha mei’ein sheva,” the bracha that corresponds to the seven brachos of the Shabbos Amidah. The congregation should stand and pay attention as this bracha is recited. It is customary for them to recite starting from “magen avos” (“shield of the fathers”) through “zeicher l’maaseh bereishis” (“in remembrance of the act of creation”). (The shaliach tzibbur must be sure to repeat this after the congregation says it – Mishnah Brurah 268:22.) One who davens alone can also say this section of the prayer by himself, but no more.

76:6 The shaliach tzibbur recites the bracha mei’ein sheva on every Shabbos of the year, even on yom tov and on a Shabbos that immediately follows a festival. The sole exception is a Shabbos that coincides with the first day of Pesach. (Vayachulu, however, is still recited – MB 487:9.)