999. Matanos L’Evyonim

142:2 Something is not considered a portion unless it is ready to eat “as is,” without any preparation, like meat or fish that is cooked – not raw – candy, fruit, wine, mead, etc. (A person may send one food item and one beverage – Mishnah Brurah 695:20.)

142:3 Every Jew, even a poor person who receives charity, is obligated to give at least two gifts to two poor people, i.e., one gift to each of them, as per Esther 9:22, “gifts to poor people,” which indicates plural gifts to plural recipients. (Poor people may exchange gifts with one another – MB 694:2.) We are not too picky about distributing money on Purim; one should give to everyone who asks. If one is in a place where there are no needy (Jewish – MB 694:12) people, he should hold on to the money until he finds a needy person, or he should send it to them.