985. Parshas Shekalim

139:26  The fifteen of the month of Shevat (Tu b’Shevat) is the new year for trees. We do not say tachanun on this day and the custom is to eat many different types of fruit.

140:1 The Shabbos before the Rosh Chodesh of an Adar that precedes Nisan, we read parshas Shekalim. (In other words, the second Adar in a year with two Adars.) If Rosh Chodesh falls on Shabbos, then that day would be Shabbos Shekalim and we would take out three sifrei Torah. From the first Torah, six men (or more – Mishnah Brurah 685:4) are called to read from the regular weekly Torah portion. From the second, a seventh reads for Rosh Chodesh starting from “on the Sabbath day.” Half-kaddish is then recited, after which the maftir for parshas Shekalim (Exodus 30:11-16) is read from the third Torah. The haftarah read is the one for parshas Shekalim (from II Kings chapter 11) rather than the one for Rosh Chodesh. If a mistake was made and they started reading parshas Shekalim first, they finish reading it and then read the maftir for Rosh Chodesh. In such a case, the haftarah read would be that of Shabbos Rosh Chodesh.