983. Torah Reading on Chanukah

139:22 All eight days of Chanukah, we recite Hallel in its entirety. We do not say Tachanun, “(k)Eil Erech Apayim,” or “Lamnatzeiach.” On Shabbos, we do not recite Tzidkascha.

139:23 Each day of Chanukah, we call three men to the Torah to read from the offerings of the Tribal leaders in parshas Naso. On the first day, we begin from Numbers 7:1, “It was on the day that Moshe completed,” through 7:11, “the dedication of the altar” for the kohein; starting from 7:12, “The offering on the first day,” for the Levi; and from 7:15, “one bull,” for the Yisroel.

On the second day, we read from 7:18, “On the second day,” for the kohein and then again for the Levi. For the Yisroel, we read from 7:24, “On the third day.” Similarly, for the rest of Chanukah, we read the portion of the day for the kohein and the Levi, and the portion of the next day for the Yisroel. On the eighth day, we read from 7:54, “On the eighth day,” for the kohein and the Levi, and for the Yisroel we start from 7:60, “On the ninth day,” through the end of the parsha, plus up to 8:4, “so he made the menorah,” in parshas Beha’aloscha.