975. How and Where to Light the Menorah

139:6 The accepted practice is to light in the most scrupulous manner, each person in the household lighting one candle on the first night, two candles on the second night, and so on until they light eight candles on the eighth night. (“Each person” excludes the lady of the house, who is included as a unit with her husband – Mishnah Brurah 671:9.) One must ensure that each person places his candles in a designated place so that it will be evident how many candles each person has lit that night. These candles should not be lit in a place where other candles are lit during the rest of the year so that it will be obvious that these were lit for Chanukah.

139:7 The mitzvah of Chanukah lights is performed by lighting in one’s entrance near the street in order to publicize the miracle. This was how people did it in the time of the Mishna and the Gemara but nowadays, since we live among non-Jewish neighbors, we light in our houses. If one has a window facing the street, he should light there, otherwise he should light by the entrance. It is a mitzvah to place the candles within a handbreadth of the entrance on the left side, so that the mezuzah is on the right and the Chanukah menorah is on the left, surrounding one with mitzvos. (If the door doesn’t have a mezuzah, then the menorah should be placed on the right – OC 671:7.) It is optimum to place the menorah between the doorposts.