970. Simchas Torah

138:6 On the eighth day, close to nightfall, one may remove his objects from the succah and take them in the house, but one may not organize them during the day because this is like preparing from one day of yom tov to the next. (One may organize them if he actually needs them for that day, or if they are making his home untidy – Mishnah Brurah 667:6.)

138:7 This last day of the holiday – which is still Shemini Atzeres – is called Simchas Torah because we finish the Torah on that day, and we rejoice. In the evening, after maariv, we have Hakafos. After that, we return the sifrei Torah to the aron, leaving one out from which three men are called to read from parshas V’Zos HaBracha. In some places, they have the practice to read the portions of vows (such as v’yiten l’cha, hamalach, vay’chulu, y’varechecha and mah tovu. Our practice, however, is to read from V’Zos HaBracha – MB 669:15). After reading the Torah, we say half-kaddish, return the sefer Torah, and recite Aleinu.