931. 100 Brachos on Yom Kippur

133:19 A child under the age of nine is not permitted to fast, even if they want to, out of concern that they might come to danger. However, one who is at least nine years old and in good health is trained to fast a little and not to eat until some hours later than they normally would. Even before the age of nine, they should be trained not to wear shoes, wash or anoint.

133:20 It is preferable to smell spices and to recite the requisite brachos several times on Yom Kippur in order to complete the 100 brachos that one should recite each day. However, if one’s attention is still on the spices, he may not yet repeat the bracha as this would constitute a bracha said in vain.  Therefore, one must make a significant break so that his attention is no longer on the spices. One should smell different spices each time, even if they are of the same type. Preferably spices requiring different brachos should be used. If one listens attentively to every bracha of the shaliach tzibbur, as well as those of the people called to the Torah and for the haftarah, then one will be lacking only three brachos of his daily 100. These he can make up by reciting the brachos over the spices.