920. Shehechiyanu on Yom Kippur

132:2 When the shaliach tzibbur recites the bracha of shehechiyanu, he should intend to include the congregation. Nevertheless, it is better for the one listening to intend that he not be included by the shaliach tzibbur and to recite the bracha himself, quietly. He must do so quickly and conclude his bracha before the shaliach tzibbur so that he can respond Amen. Women who said shehechiyanu when lighting the candles – and likewise men who lit candles and said shehechiyanu – do not say it a second time in shul.

132:3 On Yom Kippur, at both maariv and shacharis, we recite “Baruch shem…” out loud, rather than quietly, as we normally do.