919. Kol Nidrei

131:17 The practice is to wear one’s tallis for maariv. One must be sure to put it on while it is still daytime to and to recite the bracha over it. If one delayed until twilight, he should not recite the bracha. (The Magen Avrohom says to recite the bracha even during twilight, until the stars come out – Mishnah Brurah 18:7.)

132:1 It is the practice, before Kol Nidrei, to have an elder of the congegration remove a sefer Torah from the ark and to walk with it around the bimah. The members of the congregation kiss the Torah and ask G-d to forgive any lapse they may have had in honoring the Torah. They resolve that moment always to follow the Torah. They recite Psalms 97:11 (“Light is sown for the righteous…”) a number of times. One stands on the right side of the shaliach tzibbur holding the sefer Torah, while another senior member of the congegration stands on his left with another sefer Torah. The three of them recite “By authority of the Heavenly court….” The shaliach tzibbur says Kol Nidrei three times in the customary tune and everyone else should say it along with him, quietly. One should begin Kol Nidrei while it is still day and continue it until it is night. After the shaliach tzibbur says Barchu and the congregation responds, the sifrei Torah are returned to the ark and the senior members of the congregation return to their seats. When Yom Kippur falls on Shabbos, they can return to their seats when we start Psalm 92 (“Mizmor shir l’yom haShabbos”).