905. Bowing Down

129:16 During the repetition of the Amidah, when the shliach tzibbur says “va’anachnu korim” (“and we bend…”), the practice is for the congregation to say it with him, and also to bend their knees and to bow down. However, they do not fully prostrate themselves; that is only done on Yom Kippur when reading the order of the Temple service. (Our practice is to prostrate on Rosh Hashana the same as on Yom Kippur – Shaar HaTziyon 131:44.) The shliach tzibbur also bends on his knees but since he may not move from his place while repeating the Amidah, the practice is for him to stand a little away from the bimah so that he can kneel without moving from his place. The ones standing near him help him to stand up so that he doesn’t have to move from his place. The shofar blowing during the repetition of the Amidah should not be blown by the shliach tzibbur unless he is sure that doing so will not confuse him.

129:17 There are different customs as far as the number of notes when blowing the shofar during the repetition of the Amidah; each place should follow its own practice. The same is true when it comes to the shofar blowing after the Amidah. After one has finished blowing the shofar according to the local custom, the shofar should be put away and not blown any more. One who wants to blow shofar on the second day of Rosh Hashana should not use this shofar for practice on the first day.