868. Anointing, Shoes on Tisha b’Av

124:10 Like washing, anointing is only prohibited when done for pleasure. Therefore, if a person has itchy skin or must anoint for some other medical reason, he may do so.

124:11 Only leather shoes are prohibited. Shoes made from cloth and similar materials are permitted so long as the soles are not made of leather.  (Leather on the uppers is likewise prohibited – Mishnah Brurah 554:31.) Those who walk through non-Jewish areas may wear normal leather shoes in order to avoid ridicule. (The leather shoes must be removed when he reaches the Jewish area – MB 554:35.) Those who do so should put dirt inside the shoes (to make them uncomfortable), though it would be preferable for those who are scrupulous to act stringently in this matter and still not wear leather shoes. Wearing leather shoes is definitely prohibited for those who sit in shops. If one is traveling a long way by foot, which would be very difficult without proper footwear, then he may wear leather shoes, though he must remove them when he arrives at the city.  If he is riding in a vehicle, he may not wear leather shoes.