980. Who is Obligated to Light?

139:16 Women are obligated to light the Chanukah lights because they were also included in the miracle. Therefore, a woman may light for her household. A child who has reached the age of education is also obligated to light. (It is sufficient if he lights a single candle each night – Mishnah Brurah 675:14.) If a blind person is able to partner with another person by paying him a small coin, he should do so. If he has a wife, she lights for him. If he is unmarried and has no one to partner with, living alone, he should light himself with another person’s assistance.

139:17 On Friday afternoon, one lights the Chanukah lights, followed by the Shabbos candles – so long as it is after “plag hamincha” (an hour and a quarter before night). One should daven mincha first. There must be enough oil for the lights to stay lit until half an hour after the stars appear; if this is not the case, it is considered a bracha recited in vain. (One should make sure that at least one light has enough oil to last – MB 679:2.) If one is lighting near the doorway, he must be careful to place something between the candles and the door so that they will not be extinguished by the wind when the door is opened and closed. (This is true every day of the week, but one must take extra precautions for Shabbos – MB 680:1.)