1,336. A Mourner’s Field

208:8 If the mourner’s field is in the hands sharecroppers who take a percentage of the profits, or a tenant who pays the owner of the field a fixed amount of produce, or a renter who pays a set fee, these may work normally while the field’s owner is observing shiva. Since they are working for their own benefit, they don’t have to lose out just because their landlord is in mourning. However, if the mourner has a day laborer, he may not work the field, even if it is in another city. This is because such work is performed publicly for the benefit of the mourner.

208:9 If the mourner is a sharecropper in another person’s field, he may not work the field himself but he may employ others to do it for him. This isn’t considered work for the mourner, but rather work for the owner of the field. If the mourner has a different form of work that he is doing for others, he shouldn’t do it during shiva, not even through an agent. However, if failure to do so would cause him to incur a loss, then he should have it done through an agent.


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