1,322. Delayed Notification

205:7 The seudas havra’ah (meal of consolation) is brought when the mourner has received timely news of his relative’s passing (i.e., within 30 days of the death), not for delayed news (after 30 days). If the mourner received timely news on Shabbos, he is not brought food and he eats of his own. He is not brought food on Sunday (the day after) either, since the day he received the news has already passed.

205:8 Similarly, if a person lost a relative and the deceased was buried on yom tov, the mourner is not brought food, nor is he brought food after yom tov since the day has already passed. However, if the deceased was buried on chol hamoed, he is brought food. He should eat at the table as one normally does since there’s no mourning on chol hamoed.