1,072. When the Distances Apply

153:14 When a woman is a niddah, if her husband is sick and there’s no one else available to take care of him except for her, she may do so in any way that does not involve touching him, including helping him up and supporting him. She must, however, be extremely careful about washing his face, hands and feet, and making his bed in his presence. If she is sick, he may not take care of her, even without touching her, except in a case of great need when no one else is available to take care of her. If the husband is a doctor and no other doctor is as qualified as he is, he may treat her since he is not acting in an affectionate manner.

153:15 All the aforementioned ways in which a couple must distance themselves when the wife is a niddah also apply during the seven “clean” days, during which the wife wears white garments. They also apply afterwards if she is delayed from immersing in a mikvah at the proper time. Everything previously discussed is prohibited until after she has gone to the mikvah.