1,060. Unmarried Teachers

152:7 An unmarried man may not be the teacher of young children because their mothers bring them to school, with the result that he ends up being alone with women. A married man’s wife need not be present with him at the school; it is sufficient that she is with him in the city, even if she is at home while he is teaching.  However, a woman shouldn’t teach young children even if her husband is in town, unless he lives with her in the same residence, because of the fathers who bring their children.

152:8 A man must distance himself from women.  He may not wink at or make gestures to a woman. He may not joke with her or stare at her beauty. It is prohibited to smell a woman’s perfume, especially if it’s on her. One may not stare at the colored clothes of a woman whom he knows, even if the clothes are not on her, as this may start him thinking about her.  If he met a woman in the market, it is forbidden for him to walk after her. Rather, he should run so that she remains to his side or behind him. One may not pass by a prostitute’s door, not even at a distance of four cubits (about six feet). One who stares at even the little finger of a woman in order to derive pleasure has committed a very grave transgression. A man may not listen to a woman’s (singing) voice or stare at her hair.