1,052. Parents of a Baby

Because of the public nature of these posts, we are omitting some of the more graphic details of this chapter. HaShoneh Halachos encourages interested readers to review these laws more fully in the original sources.

150:15 Medical authorities of the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch’s day advised that one not engage in marital relations when he is full or when he is hungry. Rather, he should do so when he has digested the food in his stomach. He should not do so in a standing or sitting position, on the day that he goes to the bath house, on the day that he lets blood, or on the day he starts or returns from a journey when traveling on foot. Likewise, he should not have relations on the day before or after such a journey.

150:16 A couple should not have relations in a bed when there is a baby at the foot of the bed unless the baby is at least a year old. A nursing mother should only have relations when the baby is sleeping. Afterwards, she should not nurse for two-thirds of an hour unless the baby is crying.