1,044. The First Year of Marriage

149:12 One who marries a virgin (i.e., a  previously unmarried woman) rejoices with her for seven days, which are called “the seven days of feasting.” He should not work or transact business publicly; rather, he should eat, drink and rejoice with his wife. This is so whether it is his first marriage or if he is a widower. Even if she says she doesn’t mind, he is forbidden to do work. It is likewise forbidden for him to go alone to the market.  If the bride and groom were both previously married, they only rejoice for three days. If it is his first marriage, some say that they rejoice for seven days because the sheva brachos are recited for his sake. In such a case, his wife is permitted to forgo rejoicing if she so desires.

149:13 A newlywed may not go out of town for a whole year in order to be able to rejoice with his wife, as per Deuteronomy 24:5, “he shall not go out to war…he shall remain at home for one year to rejoice with his wife.” His wife, however, can permit him to go.