1,040. A Second Marriage for Both

149:4 If a widower married a widow and they had the first meal on the day of the wedding, they recite sheva brachos as described in 149:1 even if the meal isn’t finished until the night. However, if they didn’t eat until the night, and if there are friends joining in order to make them happy, then they proceed as detailed in 149:3.  This is so even if there are new faces. The same is true for all meals during their first three days of marriage.

149:5 “New faces” refers to someone who came to increase the couple’s joy. Even if they don’t eat, their mere presence counts. Shabbos and the first day of yom tov are like new faces, though only for the evening meal and the morning meal. At the afternoon meal, they aren’t considered new faces unless the groom delivers words of Torah.