1,033. Pre-Wedding Repentance

146:3 On the days when the bride and groom don’t fast, they must be careful not to have too much food or drink. They should certainly avoid alcohol because some authorities say that the reason they fast is out of concern that they may become intoxicated and not have full control of their faculties.

146:4 The couple must thoroughly sanctify themselves leading up to the wedding. They should repent on their wedding day and examine their deeds from birth up to the present. They should confess and ask forgiveness from G-d, acknowledging their sins and committing to abandon them. They should feel sincere regret with a broken heart and they should make a strong commitment that from that day forward they will serve Hashem sincerely, and to be holy and pure. They should then enter the wedding ceremony and pray that Hashem place His presence between them. This is as the Sages have said, “G-d’s presence rests between a man and his wife.” The practice is for the couple to recite Vidui (confession) at mincha as we do on the day before Yom Kippur.