93. Torah Study vs. Business Concerns

Talmud Torah 3:7

A person might think to stop studying Torah until he earns some money or fulfills some other mundane need and then to return to his studies. If one thinks such things, he will never acquire the crown of Torah. Rather, one’s work should be subordinate to his fixed Torah study. One should not say, “When I have time, I will study Torah” because he may never have time.

Talmud Torah 3:8

Deuteronomy 30:12-13 tells us that the Torah “is not in the heavens” and “is not across the sea.” “It is not in the heavens” means that Torah is not found among the arrogant; “it is not across the sea” means that it is not found among those who travel the sea. Therefore, the Sages said that those who are occupied in business are unlikely to become learned. They also said that we should reduce our business dealings in order to occupy ourselves in Torah.

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