92. Sincere vs. Insincere Torah Study

Talmud Torah 3:5

The first thing for which a person will be judged in the Next World is his Torah study. Only after that will his other deeds be evaluated. Therefore, the Sages said that one should always occupy himself with Torah study, whether sincerely or otherwise, because even Torah study performed for ulterior motives will lead to altruistic Torah study.

Talmud Torah 3:6

One whose heart inspires him to fulfill the mitzvah of Torah study appropriately and to acquire the crown of Torah should not turn his attention to other concerns. He should not attempt to acquire Torah together with wealth and honor. The path of Torah is to eat bread with salt, drink small quantities of water, sleep on the ground, live a life of hardship and toil in Torah. One is not required to complete the task but that does not exempt a person from working towards the goal. If a person has acquired much Torah, he has earned much reward, commensurate with his efforts.

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