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1,340. Washing During Shiva and Shloshim
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209:1 A mourner may not wash his entire body, not even in cold water. To wash just his face, hands and feet, hot water is prohibited but cold water is permitted. Washing in hot water is prohibited the entire 30-day mourning period (shloshim), even just to shampoo one’s hair. Even washing one’s entire body in […]
1,339. Housework During Shiva
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208:14 Housework is not considered prohibited work for a mourner. A woman sitting shiva is permitted to cook, bake and perform any necessary household chores, but anything she doesn’t need is prohibited. Similarly, if a domestic servant became a mourner, even though she is paid to do the chores, she is permitted to do them. […]
1,338. Contractors
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208:12 If the mourner had some work assigned to another person, since the other person is a contractor who received the assignment before his employer became a mourner, and since the work is being done privately in the contractor’s home, he is therefore permitted to do it. 208:13 Construction projects on behalf of the mourner […]