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1,447. Statements That Do Not Effect Marriage
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Hilchos Ishus 3:7 If a man says or writes to a woman that she is designated for him or reserved for him, or that she is his helper, his complement, his rib, or other such nebulous statements, then there is a doubt as to whether or not marriage has been effected. This is only the […]
1,446. Effecting Marriage Through Relations
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Hilchos Ishus 3:5 Marriage can be effected through sexual intimacy as follows: the man says to the woman that she is consecrated to him, betrothed to him, becomes his wife – or some similar language of marriage – through the act of intimacy. He must be secluded with her in front of witnesses and engage […]
1,445. Effecting Marriage with a Document
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Hilchos Ishus 3:3 Marriage can be effected with a legal document as follows: The man writes on a paper, a shard, a leaf or on any other object that he chooses that the woman is consecrated to him, betrothed to me, or any language denoting marriage. He must give the document to the woman in […]