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571. What May Not Be Done on Shabbos
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Milah 2:7 Medicinal herbs for a bris may not be ground on Shabbos, nor may water be heated, nor a compress prepared, nor may wine and oil be mixed. If cumin wasn’t ground before Shabbos, it may be chewed on Shabbos and applied. If wine and oil were not mixed together before Shabbos, each one […]
570. What May Be Done on Shabbos
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Milah 2:5 If a child’s skin hangs very loosely, or if he is so fat that it appears as if he is not circumcised, then he should be observed when erect. If he is visibly circumcised at that time, nothing else need be done, but the flesh on the sides must be corrected so that […]
569. Remaining Strands of Skin
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Milah 2:3 Some strands of skin invalidate a circumcision and others do not. If a piece of the foreskin remains and covers the majority of the tip’s height, the baby is considered still uncircumcised; this skin invalidates the bris. If only a small piece of skin remains and it does not cover the majority of […]