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Eruvin Made Easy part 3: 600,000 is a Big Number
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Do you need 600,000 people passing through daily for an area to be considered a reshut harabim? If there are less is an area still considered reshut harabim if it meets the other criteria (e.g. 16 amot wide)? How do you count 600,000 people? In what size area? Over the course of how much time?
Eruvin Made Easy part 1: Does Your City Have Doors?
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The biblical prohibition of carrying is carrying between a reshut harabim and a reshut hayachid. Included (possibly a halacha l’Moshe MiSinai) is carrying 4 amot in a reshut harabim. MiD’rabbanan one may not carry from one reshut hayachid to an adjacent reshut hayachid on Shabbos (without an Eruv Chatzerot). Our eruvin are made using doorways. […]