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Are Brown Spots the Same as Blood Spots?
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What you are noticing are most likely protein spots. Approximately 20% of brown eggs have protein spots which are only found in the egg white (albumen). Some of the pigment excreted by the chicken to color the shell, leaks into the egg white and collects in clumps.  These colored clumps are, at times, quite large […]
Finding a Blood Spot in a Batter
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If a fertilized egg develops to the point that a blood spot appears on the yolk, the entire egg becomes forbidden. However, today’s commercially sold eggs can be assumed to be unfertilized eggs. If one finds a blood spot on a unfertilized egg, one may simply remove the bloodspot and use the rest of the […]
Are Eggs Subject to the Prohibition of Bishul Akum?
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Yes. The Gemara (A.Z. 38b) says that an egg that was roasted by a non-Jew is forbidden. This Halacha is brought in Shulchan Aruch (Y.D. 113:14) as well: “Although a raw egg can be swallowed raw, nevertheless if it is cooked by a non-Jew it is forbidden.” Although generally, foods that are nechal chai (eaten raw) […]