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Multifetal Pregnancy Reduction in Halacha
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Multifetal Pregnancy Reduction The contents of the shiur appear on the page below. The shiur and a variety of additional materials are also available for download in PDF format: Shiur & Appendices in PDF                  Supplemental Sources in PDF ********************************* Table of Contents Section Title Page I Introduction 1 […]
Z’manim Explained (with downloadable charts)
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Z’manim (times) are important in Jewish life. They tell us when different mitzvos can be performed, from donning tefillin in the morning to observing Shabbos and holidays. But z’manim can also be confusing! Big mincha? Little mincha? Plag? What are all these things? And when looking at a list of times, how is one to […]
Are There Halachot of Sheitels?
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One of the most frequent questions I get, out and about as a visibly Orthodox Jew, is about sheitels. “Excuse me, are you Orthodox? Can I ask you a question? Why do Orthodox women wear those beautiful wigs; doesn’t that defeat the point?” “Well,” I like to answer, “For starters, it depends what you think […]