Yoma 8:6-7

Yoma 8:6

If a person becomes medically endangered from fasting, they may feed him even non-kosher food until his eyes clear up. If a person was bitten by a mad dog, they may not feed him the lobe of the dog’s liver (a popular but unproven remedy), though Rabbi Masya ben Charash permits it. Rabbi Masya ben Charash also said that if someone has a sore throat on Shabbos, medicine may be put in his mouth. This is because a question of danger to human life supersedes Shabbos laws.

Yoma 8:7

If debris fell on a person and it is unknown whether or not he is there, or whether or not he is alive, or whether he is Jewish or non-Jewish – in all of these cases they excavate the debris. If they find the person alive, they remove him. If they find him dead, they stop their labors until Shabbos is over.
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