Yoma 7:5-8:1

Yoma 7:5

The Kohein Gadol performed the service in eight garments, while a regular kohein wore four. A regular kohein wore a tunic, pants, hat and belt. To these, the Kohein Gadol added the breastplate, the ephod, the robe and the tzitz (the plate on his forehead). They were only allowed to inquire of God through the urim v’tumim while the Kohein Gadol was wearing these eight garments. The urim v’tumim were only consulted for the king, the courts, or for someone needed as a leader by the community.

Yoma 8:1

The following things are prohibited on Yom Kippur: eating, drinking, washing, anointing, wearing leather shoes and marital relations. The king and a bride may wash their faces, and a woman who has recently had a baby may wear leather shoes; this is the opinion of Rabbi Eliezer but the Sages disagree.
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