Yoma 7:1-2

Yoma 7:1

The Kohain Gadol then read from the Torah. He could either do so in his ceremonial garments of linen or in his own white clothes. The synagogue attendant took a Torah and handed it to the head of the synagogue, who passed it to the Deputy Kohein Gadol, who gave it to the Kohein Gadol. The Kohein Gadol stood, received the Torah and read it while standing. (Since the Mishna indicates that the Kohein Gadol stood, the Talmud infers that he read in the women’s section because he would not have been permitted to sit in the courtyard.) He read from Acharei Mos (Leviticus 16) and “On the tenth day” (from parshas Emor – Leviticus 23). He rolled up the Torah and held it in his lap, then he said, “Not only what I read is written there” and recited the section of “On the tenth day” from the Numbers 29 by heart (so as not to trouble the congregation by rolling the Torah so far). He recited eight brachos: for the Torah, for the Temple service (avodah), thanks (modim), for pardoning sin, for the Temple, for Israel, for Jerusalem, for the kohanim and for prayers (shomeiah Tefillah). [You will notice that this equals nine, not eight. The Talmud cites a braisa that the bracha for Jerusalem should be omitted from this list.]

Yoma 7:2

One could either see the Kohein Gadol reading the Torah or the bull and goat being burned but not both. It wasn’t because it was prohibited, it’s just that the two things occurred simultaneously very far apart.
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