Yoma 6:3-4

Yoma 6:3                

The Kohein Gadol handed the goat for Azazel to the one who would lead it away. Anyone could lead the goat away but the High Priests established that an Israelite should not do so. Rabbi Yosi reported that a person named Arsla once led the goat away and he was an Israelite.

Yoma 6:4

They set up a ramp for the one who would lead the goat away because the Babylonians used to pull this person’s hair and say, “Take our sins and go quickly!” The prominent citizens of Jerusalem would accompany this person to the first booth. There were ten booths from Jerusalem to the cliff, a distance of ninety ris; there are 7.5 ris to a mil [therefore, 90 ris = 12 mil, about seven miles].
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