Yoma 6:1-2

Yoma 6:1

There is a mitzvah that the two Yom Kippur goats be identical in appearance, height and value, and that they be purchased at the same time. They are valid even if they are not identical, or if they were purchased on different days. If one goat dies before the lots were drawn, a partner should be purchased for the second goat; if it dies after the lots were drawn, then another pair of goats should be purchased and lots drawn again. If it was the goat for Hashem died, the Kohein Gadol says, “Let the one for which the lot for Hashem is drawn be established in its place.” If it was the goat for Azazel that died, he says, “Let the one for which the lot for Azazel is drawn be established in its place.” The remaining goat is left to graze until it develops a blemish, at which point it is sold and the money is used to buy free-will offerings; this is because we do not leave a communal sin offering to die; Rabbi Yehuda says that we do leave it to die. Rabbi Yehuda also said that if the blood of the goat for Hashem spilled, the goat for Azazel must be left to die; if the goat for Azazel died, the blood of the goat for Hashem must be poured out.

Yoma 6:2                        

When the Kohein Gadol came to the goat for Azazel, he put his two hands on it and recited the following confession: “Hashem, Your people the House of Israel, have done wrong, sinned and transgressed before You. Hashem, please forgive the wrongs, the sins and the transgressions that Your people, the House of Israel, have wronged, sinned and transgressed before You as is written in the Torah that You delivered through Your servant Moses, ‘On this day, atonement will be made for you, to purify you. For all your sins, you will be purified before Hashem’ (Leviticus 16:30).” When the kohanim and the people in the courtyard heard God’s Explicit Name from the mouth of the Kohein Gadol, they bent their knees, bowed down and fell on their faces, responding “Blessed be His Name, the glory of Whose Kingdom is forever and ever.”
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