Yoma 5:6-7

Yoma 5:6

The Kohein Gadol sprinkled the surface of the altar seven times, then he poured the remaining blood out at the western base of the outer altar; on the outer altar, he poured out at the southern base. These mingled in the aqueduct and flowed into the Kidron stream. They were sold to gardeners as fertilizer and they are subject to the laws of meilah (misappropriation of Temple property).

Yoma 5:7                

When it comes to the activities of the Yom Kippur service, described throughout chapters 3-5, if the Kohein Gadol performed a later act before an earlier one, it’s as if he didn’t do it at all. If he dispensed with the goat’s blood before the bull’s blood, he must do it again, sprinkling the goat’s blood after the bull’s blood. If the blood was poured out before he finished the sprinklings in the Holy of Holies, he must bring more blood and sprinkle in the Holy of Holies again. The same is true of the sprinklings in the Sanctuary and at the golden altar because each one is an independent act of atonement. Rabbi Elazar and Rabbi Shimon say that wherever the Kohein Gadol stopped is the place from where he resumes.
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