Yoma 5:4-5

Yoma 5:4

They brought the Kohein Gadol the goat. He slaughtered it and received its blood in a bowl. He returned to the Holy of Holies and again stood between the staves of the Ark. Again he sprinkled up once and down seven times, motioning like a person does when cracking a whip. Again he counted: one, one and one, one and two, one and three, one and four, one and five, one and six, one and seven. He went out and placed this bowl on another stand in the Sanctuary. Rabbi Yehuda said that there was only one stand there. The Kohein Gadol took the bowl of the bull’s blood and put down the bowl of the goat’s blood. He sprinkled from the bull’s blood on the outside of the curtain facing the Ark, up once and down seven times, again in a whipping motion. He counted as he did before. He took the goat’s blood, put down the bull’s blood, and sprinkled from the former outside of the curtain facing the Ark, up once and down seven times, as before. He poured the bull’s blood into the goat’s blood, then poured all the blood from the full bowl into the empty one (to better mix it).

Yoma 5:5

“He shall go out to the altar that is before God” (Leviticus 16:18) refers to the golden altar, on which the incense was burned. He started sprinkling in a downward motion, from the altar’s northeast corner, to the northwest, to the southwest, and finally to the southeast. The place where he would start sprinkling when offering a sin offering on the outer altar is where he would finish sprinkling on the inner altar. Rabbi Eliezer said that the Kohein Gadol stood in one place while sprinkling. At every corner he would sprinkle from down to up except for the corner where he stood, where he would sprinkle from up to down.
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