Yevamos 7:6-8:1

Yevamos 7:6

Sometimes the Kohein Gadol impedes the ability to eat terumah, as follows: if the daughter of a kohein is married to a Yisroel and they have a daughter, and that daughter marries a kohein and they have a son, that son is fit to become Kohein Gadol. This son enables his mother to eat terumah (in the event of his father’s death) but he impedes his grandmother’s ability to eat terumah (in the event that both his mother and grandfather die). The grandmother could then complain that there are few like her grandson, the Kohein Gadol, who keeps her from being able to eat terumah.

Yevamos 8:1

An uncircumcised or ritually-unclean kohein may not eat terumah, though their wives and servants may. If a kohein has crushed testes or a severed member, they and their servants may eat terumah but their wives may not. If she did not have sexual relations with him after he suffered his accident, then she may eat terumah.
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