Terumos 9:6-7

Terumos 9:6

If produce grew from tevel, if it is a kind whose seed disintegrates, it is permitted. If what was planted does not disintegrate, it is prohibited. Examples of things that do not disintegrate when planted include onions and garlic. Rabbi Yehuda says that garlic is like barley (i.e., it does disintegrate).

Terumos 9:7

If a Jew and a non-Jew weed a field of produce whose seed does not disintegrate, the Jew may snack from it even though the produce was grown from tevel. If terumah shoots became ritually unclean and were then replanted, they become clean in the sense that they cannot convey impurity but they may not be eaten until the edible part that grew is removed from what was planted. Rabbi Yehuda says that one must cut twice (and only what grows after the second cut may be eaten).
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